Tuesday, April 26, 2016

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To Journal

June 30, 1863
The most bazaar thing happened today. I was in town gathering supplies and shoes for my regiment when I saw a group of Johnny Rebs. I looked over at my friend Paul and the comrades behind him who all had the same thought in mind. One of them looked over at us, we acted casual and pretended we didn't see them. We waited for awhile until all left but one and we took are chance. Paul garbed him from behind. "What do you know ?!". He acted in complete shock. After awhile of talking to him he knew nothing so we let him go and made a run for camp. When we got back we told are general he praised us for are willingness and are obeisance and then alerted the others. Tomorrow will be gruesome.

To Journal
July 3, 1863
The past 2 day have been unspeakable lots of bloodshed maybe even more then Bull Run. I have been fighting in the far left flank. The air was dense and heavy. Visibility was no better. I remember firing and I was about to reload when I reached in to my cartridge box. I was out of minie balls. I looked around others were having the same problem. Less then a second later I hear the call for combat and followed by bayonets witch is never good. Next was the call for charge. I ran trying not to trip over bodies. I got to a rebel and I hit him with my shock another came at me and I got him with a bayonet.  The air was son dense and hard to breath i almost couldn't even see them cumming at us. They were retreating and we kept pushing forward until we hear the retreat command. We went back to camp felling less like a crowd, and tired of war.

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