Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A Big Victory on 1863

July 1st, 1863
  Now that I have train for about 2 years, things get really worse. We had to marched all the way to Gettysburg in southern Pennsylvania in the command of General Buford. Greybacks died from all of their bloodshed in Union's land where we attack the Rebs forces, our left flank was collapsing  so we have to retreat where we were regroup at the south of Gettysburg. Also even worst on the battlefield, I got shot in the leg.So I was sent to a random building to get treatment for me. I was thinking that this could be the bloodiest day in my whole entire life.

July 2nd, 1863 (2nd Day at Gettysburg)
After our first day, I was sent back with my regiment at south where Yanks had form like a fish hook under the command of General Maede. We got sent to the Little Round Top along with the Maine regiments. At the hill we kept shooting down at the Rebs, but since we're running out of ammunition, one of the their commander commanded them to fix bayonets so we did it and their plan actually worked. That's a big victory to us. Now we have to secure the Big and the Little Round Top from the Rebs or else our flank will collapsed.

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