Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Letter to Family

Dear Emily and Mavery,
      I miss you guys dearly even though I have just left for the army. I am in the group called the Righteous Radicals and they all are fighting for the same beliefs I am: ending slavery, and doing good for God. I hope everything at home is going well and the neighbors aren't being too noisy. We just finished training for the day, and I am very excited and nervous about the first battle that will happen but they are preparing us very well. Other than the training everything else is pretty boring so my favorite part of the day is getting to write these letters and send them home to you guys and reading the bible before bed when I have time. We are about to go eat dinner and I hope your dinner will be better than mine is. I miss you guys and hope to you soon, and tell Daisy I miss her too!
                                                      With love,
                                                   Thomas Ward

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