Sunday, May 1, 2016

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Dear family,
Thank you for your consers. I am fine you have probably heard by now the distrution that was done in Georgia. I know your thinking about now that I was a part of it but unfortunately I was not.
Paul was though. He told me about how awesome it was. It was like mass destruction. Kicking down fences, taking crops absulotly tearing up southern economy. He told me that one man hid his slave but they found them. How is home? How is rusty? In the next care package please send blankets and another pair of shoes. Have to go to role call.

With much love

To Clarence
Glad to hear everything is ok. Rusty is great but ready for you to come home. Already sent the care package along with your shoes. Home is great your dad broke his arm and can't write another week. Please be safe and prey that this war will stop. Hopefully that March will take away momentum from the Rebs.

Mom and Dad

(Paw print)

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