Thursday, May 5, 2016

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To Journal
Today was another long day of fighting but General Grant says it won't be much longer. We have gotten them surounded and we are moving in. My regiment has gone out and started gathering food and other valuable things that the rebels will be looking for but won't get. I am glad this battle is about to end not only because I am sick, tried, and home sick. It's also because fighting has shown me a part of myself I have never seen before, and I didn't like it. Hopefully by mornings end tomorrow will be on are way home. 

To Journal 
Today General Grant ralled up a few troops but didn't tell us what for until we arrived at a home not to far from are camp. Before we walked in he said they are going to try and reach a compromise. We all looked around at each other like this couldn't be real. We walked inside to see the other general dressed in a nice uniform. They talked aon and on until one of the confederate men wrote what looked to be the agreements. They both signed and everyone cheered. I ran back to camp as happy as could be and immediately wrote home about my arrival soon coming. 

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