Wednesday, May 4, 2016


My dearest Constance,

It's over. Thank God, it's over. Now I may finally lay down my arms and return home. I look forward to seeing your lovely face, as well as those of all the children. Oh, how I love you all! I shall see you soon. Thank the Lord I survived these terrible four years; it could only have been through divine intervention that I did. Give my love to the children and Father.
I remain, now and forever, your loving husband,
Captain Bruce Stanton

My dearest Bruce,

Oh, my dearest, I am overjoyed to hear you are returning. Our beloved president told us we would soon win, but I didn't dare to believe it. I could scarcely believe it even when Lee surrendered, but reading it in your own handwriting has convinced me. I told you we would make it through all right, and I was right. You are whole except for your finger, and I shall love you all the more for it. Come home soon; we all miss you.
Your dearest,

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