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Battle of bull run

Life in 1861

                  Dear parents,
                              Now that I'm in the regiment group, I pretty much have alot of work to do such as doing drills and whole bunch of stuff. Today, I heard news about General McClellan being the new army chief.I felt like I wanted to meet him and the Union had some high expectation to him. Also, we were selected to go battle at Bull Run from General McDowell, but when we were here, we thought that it was a total victory for us. So we get some souvenir and leave. After we heard that the Confederate plan to create an evelopment to  destroy the army. Our group decided to retreat to Washington D.C. to protected them from the Confederate.Hopefully I can survived till the war is over.
                                                                                                   Your son,

July 1861

My dearest Constance,

Well, my darling, the Confederate army has come and gone, and we have been thoroughly trounced. I don't know why I am still alive. General McDowell led us to Manassas, and the troops were so sure of our victory, they began to collect souvenirs. Spectators gathered to watch us give the Confederacy a beating, with champagne and picnic baskets at Bull Run Creek. Those civilians received a nasty shock, as did we all. The "Johnny Rebs" broke apart our army, and we fled, the spectators running with us.

The casualties are totaled at 2,896 men. We returned to camp with our tails between our legs, positively thrashed. Men hop around on crutches, missing legs. Piles of limbs are everywhere. I have lost my smallest finger to a bullet. I thought I would receive worse.

I shall likely remain on this Earth for but a short time longer. Farewell, dear Constance. My love for thee shall never die, even if I do.
Your loving husband,
Captain Bruce Stanton

Monday, April 11, 2016

Flash cards 1861 blogs

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