Thursday, April 21, 2016

1862 blogs

Post card
Hello family back home. I know by now you have heard the news about the battle. Don't worry I am fine except for a couple bumps and bruises but I am still alive.  In camp I have been praised by the others because I found the other sides battle plans in a corn feild. Hopefully we can finish them off tomorrow so we can move on as a country and to free the innocent. My family back home I love you and hope to see you soon. I have been also keeping a journal entry for y'all to read when I get back home.Remember to keep feeding rusty and taking him out to the pond to swim.


Ps send me another care package please. It's helping me and my unit.

To Clarence

Son we thought you were dead because we haven't seen a letter from you in a while.  How are you doing? How is the camp? Anyone giving you problems? I suppose you must be scared from this madness. Do you think you will be home soon? We are so scared for you. Rusty is fine. He has been sleeping in your bed thought we can tell he misses you. Please be save and keep writing home. Love you so much. We can't wait to read your journal.

With all love


Dear aunt Margaret

I just fought in a battle against the confederates. There were two giant ships. We called it "Gladiates of the Sea". It was a two hour battle. It was really boring. None of us really gained any advantages. This was one of the bloodiest battles in U.S. History. Our General "Grant" countinued his success at the battle of Shiloh in central Tennessee. We lost most of our army to a confederate suprise attack. Grant beat the confederates armie under the command of  General Albert Sidney Johnson. I am very bored in this battle. I hope everything's going good at home.

                                                         Sincerely, Walter Wigfall

An awful 1862

                         Dear parents,
                   What an awful year in 1862, we were assigned by the Yanks to go reinforce at Antietam.I fought trying to cross the bridge ,but we retreat from the Rebels.  Our attack commanded by Burnside was a succesful attack I've ever seen. After the battle, General McClellen was fired for not ordering Lincoln's command.Now another objective was assigned, this time it was at Bull Run again. Hopefully I can survive the battle.
                                                                                             Isaac Long

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Letter to Family 1862

Dear journal,
   Today is March 10, 1862 and yesterday I had a battle against the federates in the sea. No one won because it was a draw for the Union's Monitors (which was who I was with) and the Confederate's Virginia. We were all called "the Gladiators of the Sea". The battle happened off the coast of Hampton Roads, Virginia for about two hours. The ships that were used were called iron clads which after that battle became the more popular ships used instead of wooden ships. It was a very short battle but I'm still glad I finally got to fight instead of staying at the boring camps all day even though it can be fun on holidays or special events. I hope next time the Union will get the win but at least we didn't loose!


This is my movie poster. It's in a slide show. If you're having trouble reading it, the second slide has all the words from the poster to help.

Battle of Antietam Movie Poster