Friday, May 6, 2016


                          Dear parents,
      My three year enlistment start to expire, General Lee had surrender to the Union. although General Grant has commanded us to salute to him with all of the supplies we had offer. The bad news was that our president got assassinated by this stupid actor John Wilkes Booth. Now we must avenge for Lincoln before I came home. See you at Maine.
                                                                                                     Isaac Long
Dear journal,
I think slavery is horrible. It must be abolished. This makes me angry that slavery still exits. On April 6, the confederates attacked us but we beat them but we won the battle because 8,000 of them surrendered. I really hope when this is all done slavery will be abolished. The confederates should be ashamed of themselves. 
Walter Wigfall

Thursday, May 5, 2016

1865 (another post)

Here is my presentation on the mental effects of war on Civil War soldiers. Check it out.

Mental Effects of War on Civil War Soldiers

1865 blogs

To Journal
Today was another long day of fighting but General Grant says it won't be much longer. We have gotten them surounded and we are moving in. My regiment has gone out and started gathering food and other valuable things that the rebels will be looking for but won't get. I am glad this battle is about to end not only because I am sick, tried, and home sick. It's also because fighting has shown me a part of myself I have never seen before, and I didn't like it. Hopefully by mornings end tomorrow will be on are way home. 

To Journal 
Today General Grant ralled up a few troops but didn't tell us what for until we arrived at a home not to far from are camp. Before we walked in he said they are going to try and reach a compromise. We all looked around at each other like this couldn't be real. We walked inside to see the other general dressed in a nice uniform. They talked aon and on until one of the confederate men wrote what looked to be the agreements. They both signed and everyone cheered. I ran back to camp as happy as could be and immediately wrote home about my arrival soon coming. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2016


My dearest Constance,

It's over. Thank God, it's over. Now I may finally lay down my arms and return home. I look forward to seeing your lovely face, as well as those of all the children. Oh, how I love you all! I shall see you soon. Thank the Lord I survived these terrible four years; it could only have been through divine intervention that I did. Give my love to the children and Father.
I remain, now and forever, your loving husband,
Captain Bruce Stanton

1865 Journal Entry

Dear journal,
     Today is April 15, 1865 and it is a very sad day because yesterday was a death of a very important leader, Abraham Lincoln. The word is spreading fast and apparently he was assassinated last night while he was attending a play at Ford's Theater in the capital around 10:20 p.m. He was watching the play "Our American Cousin" with his wife, Mary and a young couple. Imagine how horrible that would have been to be standing right next to him when he was shot just like his wife had. So today we our now mourning a terrible loss and praying for Abraham Lincoln and the rest of his family, but he will be in a better place now. I really hope that my family is doing well!

Monday, May 2, 2016


                         Dear parents,
             After a year at Gettysburg, the North had alot of problems with people going back home because of their 3 year enlisment. I decided to stay and help with the Yankees win the war. This year in 1864, the war is almost over. Lincoln got re-elected again after beating his rival General McClellan. We marched into Atlanta, one of the major manufactoring citiesc ommanded by William Sherman . We burned everything in the town while other regiment watched as the city.After that, Sherman's Army marched in Savannah, SC. Hopefully the war will be over because I wanted to go back home with you guys.
                                                                                                           Issac Long

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Dear Aunt Margret,

Thank you so much for the basket of food you sent me. That's the only interesting thing that has happened all week. Lately, I have been playing poker so I won't be bored, but i still am. So President Lincoln thinks he found his man. He appointed him to command all the armies in the United States. I don't understand why anyones interested in this stuff, it's so boring. Please keep sending me letters and packages. I hope to come home soon.

Walter Wigfall

1864 Journal Entry

Dear journal,
     Today is March 11, 1864 and yesterday we had just gotten a new general for the Union Army and his name is Ulysses. S Grant. Abraham Lincoln thinks that he could be a really great general and could help strengthen our military and I think so too even though it's only his second day as general. Also he already seems better than our horrible generals from before so that's a good sign. I haven't been able to write a lot lately because they have been working us hard everyday to make sure we are ready for whatever battle comes next. I am actually really happy here because it makes me feel like I am doing something good for the world and for God by standing up for what I believe in and making a difference even if it is small and I know God is watching. Also they found one of my friends that was missing from the last battle and he is doing fine so that is good but disease is spreading around the camp fast so I really hope everyone is going to be okay.

1864 blogs

Dear family,
Thank you for your consers. I am fine you have probably heard by now the distrution that was done in Georgia. I know your thinking about now that I was a part of it but unfortunately I was not.
Paul was though. He told me about how awesome it was. It was like mass destruction. Kicking down fences, taking crops absulotly tearing up southern economy. He told me that one man hid his slave but they found them. How is home? How is rusty? In the next care package please send blankets and another pair of shoes. Have to go to role call.

With much love

To Clarence
Glad to hear everything is ok. Rusty is great but ready for you to come home. Already sent the care package along with your shoes. Home is great your dad broke his arm and can't write another week. Please be safe and prey that this war will stop. Hopefully that March will take away momentum from the Rebs.

Mom and Dad

(Paw print)


December 25, 1864

My deepest apologies for not writing. I have been occupied with a great march through the Confederacy, led by Major General William T. Sherman. I wonder if this sir is a madman. Every Southerner we've come across must surely think so. We have ravaged the land we crossed as a pack of locusts. We ate what we pleased, released every slave we found, and set every plantation aflame. We have left countless rebels behind us with no means left to live. We have positively destroyed their cities and railroad lines and left them helpless. My comrades were quite jocular as we pilfered and plundered, and I attempted to smile with them, but I could not, truly. How could I laugh off the carnage as if it were simply a gigantic joke? We were destroying the lives of countless innocents, and they could only howl with amusement. I have told no one, but I am not entirely sure we did the right thing. My friends have sensed my discomfort and have tried to clear my conscience with talk of how much we have helped the Union and the myriad slaves we have freed, yet I am not convinced. As you alone know, I care not for the slavery debate. I have better things to be concerned with. As for our aid to the Union, was it truly worth it? After all, if we are able to bring the South back into the Union as we hope, we will be responsible for fixing the damage. And this will be no small endeavor; we have demolished much of the South's economy; we have deprived much of its citizens of home and business. So many civilians have been harmed by our actions.

I am sorry to bother you with such negativity, especially at a time which should be joyous. Constance has sent me wonderful gifts, with promises of more when I return. Ah, dearest Constance, how can you be so sure of my arrival home? I am not. I never should have reenlisted in the military; I never would've if not for Constance and Father and their letters telling me of how proud they were I was serving our country and their foolish wishes to join me. I could not let them down then, but I feel I have disappointed them tenfold by participating in Sherman's crazed march.

I must bid you farewell now, dear self. May your Christmas be merrier than mine.
I remain your faithful companion,
Captain Bruce Stanton